A circus performance exploring common risk-taking, care and trust.

In Topos you meet three people. They challenge their fears and create situations that require radical trust, empathy and listening. They are constantly moving you in and out of balance and security.

On stage:
Anna Ahnlund
Lisa Angberg/Methinee Wongtrakoon
Magnus Björu/Simon Wiborn

Direction and Production: Saloranta & de Vylder
Costume and scenography: Katarina Wiklund
Music: Anna Ahnlund
Lightdesign: Markus Granqvist

Target group: From 10 years
Length: 45 minutes
Audience: 50-80 (Sitting around the stage area)
Stage size: Circle with 7 meters in diameter
Ceiling height: 6 meters
Blackout: Yes
Get in/get out time: 3 hours/1 hour

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