A circus performance exploring common risk-taking, care and trust.

In Topos you meet three people. A musician, a circus artist and a technician. They challenge their fears and create situations that require radical trust, empathy and listening. They are constantly moving you in and out of balance and security.

On stage:
Anna Ahnlund
Lisa Angberg/Methinee Wongtrakoon
Magnus Björu/Simon Wiborn

Direction and Production: Saloranta & de Vylder
Costume and scenography: Katarina Wiklund
Music: Anna Ahnlund
Lighting design and tech: Vilhelm Montan Lindberg

Target group: From 10 years
Length: 45 minutes
Audience: 50-80 (Sitting around the stage area)
Stage size: Circle with 7 meters in diameter
Ceiling height: 6 meters
Blackout: Yes
Get in/get out time: 3 hours/1 hour

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